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  S E R V I C E S


    - Heraceram /Heraeus Kulzer/;
    - Heraceram /Heraeus Kulzer/;
    - In line /Ivoclar Vivadent/;
    - Duceram gold kiss /Degudent/;
        Additional options:
    -Margin /shoulder porcelain/;
    -Gingiva /gum imitating blush porcelain /;
    -Gingival mask;

The metal-ceramic prosthetic structures are fabricated polychromatically, defined individually for each particular patient.

Our dental laboratory has special lighting, Osram color proof, and taking the colour procedure is independent of the external conditions.

        Blend crowns and bridges

    - Veneers are made from the laboratory photopolymer Signum /H.Kulzer/ under the Vitapan Classical colour set;
    - Monolithic and multipart metal pinlays;

        Metal-free structures:

    - All ceramics;
    - IPS E.Max ceram /Ivoclar Vivadent/;
    - Cergo Kiss /Degudent/;
    - Heraceram press /H. Kulzer/;

      NON-PREP VENEERS /Lumineers/

    - Pressed ceramic crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays and overlays;
    - Layered ceramics;


    - IPS E. Max ceram /Ivoclar Vivadent/;
    - Heraceram Zirkonia /H. Kulzer/;
    - Monolithic and multipart Zirconium pinlays;

    - Signum /H. Kulzer/;
    - Signum ceramis /H. Kulzer/;
    - Crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays and overlays;
    - Bridges reinforced with kevlar fibres /exceptionally lightweight structures suitable for parodontitis teeth, the supports may be either inlays or monolithic or multipart pinlays with fiberglass pins;

        Prosthodontics on implants:
    - Fabrication of surgical guides;
    - X-ray templates;
    - Metal-ceramics;
    - Zirconium;
    - Polymers;
    - Press ceramics;
    -Removable dentures;

    - Mouth guards for Bruxism;
    - Bleaching trays;
    - Surgical Guides;
    - X-ray templates;
    -Bracket transfer splints;
    -mock-up braces;
    - temporary structures braces;
    -direct aesthetic restorations splints;


    - Conventional dentures;
    - Model cast dentures;
    - milling components, joints;
Dentures are fabricated with H. Kulzer acryle and dental sets
The model cast frames are made from Heranium CE /H. Kulzer/

Our dental laboratory offers also:

   - use of articulators;
   - fabrication of diagnostic models;
   - provisional structures;
   - wax-up technique /aesthetic wax modelling, particularly
   suitable in fabricating veneers/;

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